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Higher Education in India

Higher Education In India Education has ever been looked at Indian culture as a holistic effort since time immemorial. Indian culture is in the core attributes of education beginning from ”Gurukul” type of education, where the disciples lived in the house of the Master who taught them what all things he knew for years together. And medical education has never been an exception since the period of Vedas.
As a tradition education is being looked upon holistically even today in India. The students practise it more holistically, whatever be its field. Be it Medicine, Engineering, Electronics, Humanities or any subject one is likely to get proper Higher Education in any of these fields.
Today the Higher Education is controlled and maintained by the University Grants Commission in India. They keep the quality of education on par with the international standards, which is a heritage India acquired since the British occupation.
Since then all fields of Education remained up-to-date in quality and in quantity. Medical education, Engineering education or any type of professional education be it, it remains so even now.


The literacy level in India is the highest compared to anywhere else in the world. The reason for the growth of literacy is because of the umpteen numbers of various types of Colleges and Universities offering different kinds of education in various fields beginning from Medicine to Engineering to Astronomy and Forestry.
We have plenty of Colleges and Universities offering higher education opportunities
In Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering etc offering different types of professional degrees such as MBBS, MD, MS, BDS, MDS, and all kinds of Graduate and Post Graduate degrees. So is the case with the braches of engineering too.


Unlike in foreign countries the number of seats are limited for NRI / PIO / Foreign students , Higher Education in India can be afforded by any foreign student or NRI student , provided he or she meets the selection or admission standards prescribed the Universities or Colleges.

Higher Education

Any foreign student or student from NRI sector, can find a Degree course or PG course of his or her choice anywhere in India. Higher Education is not limited to cities alone. Higher Education is rampant and is accessible and affordable. Colleges and Universities that control education streams are aplenty. All of them offer an international quality of education.

Today there are 16 Central Universities in India, which are funded by the Government. Another one is being planned at Manipur. Besides, there are 37 colleges, which have been accorded university status and are called "Deemed Universities" too. Graduating to the status of University means the concerned College or Institution is maintaining a global standard of education and they will have the most modern laboratories to help learning the profession.
The state governments, under UGC law, are entitled to establish their own universities, funded by the respective state government.

Engineering Education in India
All engineering educational institutes and universities are affiliated to All India Council for Technical Education AICTE. All engineering colleges or institutes do offer graduate (BE or BTech) and post graduate( M E or M Tech). There are private and Government colleges available in plenty under each State of India and under almost all universities. We have a full list of State wise Universities or colleges offering degree and PG in professional courses such as medical, dental and engineering fields.
In short India has some of the top engineering and medical institutions in the world that offer cheapest, affordable but high quality medical, dental and engineering courses.
For a full list of colleges and Universities that offer the courses of your choice in Medical Schools, Dental and engineering.

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